Art 11-16  Organic Hanging Sculptures

Summer Week 4

Four full days 10am – 4pm  £180

An exciting opportunity to work with a renowned  artist.

Using a mixture of found objects and natural materials, along with plaster, students will design and construct their own hanging sculpture. 

The theme can be either abstract or figurative and it can be for indoors or “site specific” and photographed in its location.

We will look for inspiration from contemporary sculptors such as Nicola Hicks and Tony Cragg, as well as historical references such as Alexander Calder.

Techniques covered will include :

  • Sculpture sketching in the landscape.
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Mixing and colouring plaster.
  • Understanding ‘Sculpture : From 2D to 3D




Tutor: Noel Paine

Noel Paine is a renowned painter based in Vienna, Rome and London. He works predominately outside on large scale oil paintings, based upon the light, colours and shapes he ‘experiences’ within the landscape.

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  1. Excellent, the trip to the National Gallery gave an inspiring start to the course. The teacher gave them excellent insight into various art techniques.

    10th May 2017

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