Animation 10-16 years

Summer Weeks 2 & 4

Four full days 10am – 4pm  £190

 Learn the basics of animation whilst working as part of a group to make an animated film. Each student will contribute to the narrative and create their individual piece of animation for the … Read the rest

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Art 8-10: Big Top Circus

Summer weeks 1 & 2 

Four full days 10am – 4pm  £180 including all materials

Come join the circus with us on this multimedia workshop! Projects will include creating a “Big Top” 3D background and constructing a moving marionette as well as a bean … Read the rest

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Art 8-10: Caribbean Paradise 

Summer week 4

Four full days 10am – 4pm

£180 including all materials

The shimmering coloured tropical fish of the Caribbean will inspire our young artists to create a number of sensational pieces. The music, colours and carnival culture of the region will also influence the students … Read the rest

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Carpentry Workshop 9-16 years

Summer Week 4



Four full days  10am – 4pm 

£190 including all materials


A “hands on” workshop incorporating design, construction and innovation.                                            … Read the rest

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Cookery and Craft 8-16 years

Summer week 2

Week 1,  3  & 4 fully booked.

Week 2  – 3 places available 

Four full days,  10am – 4pm   

£215 including all ingredients

Four days making delicious and nutritious food to share with your family.

Learn invaluable skills which will last a … Read the rest

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Cool Science for Curious Minds 9-12 years

Summer Weeks 1

Four Full Days 10am – 4pm  £180

What is everything made of? How big is the Universe? 

What is the difference between animals and  plants?and  plants?

Science affects every aspect of our lives and enables us to understand how our world works.… Read the rest

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Creative Writing 8-11 years

Summer Weeks 2 & 3

Four full days 10-4pm    £170

Do you love making up and writing your own stories?

Is your secret ambition to become a famous author?

This fun introductory course will inspire and encourage you, stimulate your creativity and develop your confidence.… Read the rest

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Customised Plimsolls Ages 9+ NEW!!! 


Summer Week 3

Four full days 10-4pm 

£190 including all materials

Take a stylish but plain pair of plimsolls*, and customise them with your very own design.

Use a wide variety of media and methods to transform the lace … Read the rest

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Extended Days

For all ages

For those children attending our courses who need to arrive early and leave late. Supervised play, food and relaxation. Organised activities, entertainment and games. Book in advance.

Breakfast 8.30 – 10.00am

Cereal, croissants, toast, fruit and juice.

Teatime4.00 – 5.45pm

Sandwiches, cakes, fruit and drinksRead the rest

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First Aid 8-16 years

Summer Weeks  1 & 2 

Four full days 10am to 4pm  £180

First Aid skills enable young people to keep themselves and those around them saf e. Learning how to be confident in an emergency situation and knowing what do next can be life saving.  These … Read the rest

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