Art 6-8: Easter   Arty Plants

Easter Four full days 10-4 pm  

£185 including all materials

Our projects will be based on the glorious shapes, colours and textures of plants, leaves and flowers and will include :

Clay leaf imprinted tray; large plant drawing finished in acrylic; Mixed media decorated glass … Read the rest

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Art 6-8: Week 1 & 2 Magical Architecture

Summer Weeks 1 & 2 Four full days 10-4 pm  

£185 including all materials

Our young artists will be inspired by the colours, shapes and concepts of Spanish artists Joan Miro and Antoni Gaudi and complete a number of exciting projects.

Having looked at … Read the rest

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Art 6-8: Week 3 Fantastical Creatures

Summer Week 3   Four full days 10-4 pm  

£185 including all materials

This course is all about mythical creatures such as mermaids, minotaurs, griffins and unicorns and our young artists will create a number of amazing artworks including:

A painted clay creature

A multi … Read the rest

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Discover Science 6-8 years 

Easter & Summer Weeks 1, 2, & 4

Four full days 10am – 4pm  £195                 

A fun introduction to science, ecology, physics, and natural science.

Through a series of intriguing experiments and activities children learn in a … Read the rest

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Extended Days – Breakfast and Tea Club

For all ages

For those children attending our courses who need to arrive early and leave late. Supervised play, food and relaxation. Organised activities, entertainment and games. Book in advance.

Breakfast 8.30 – 10.00am   

Cereal, croissants, toast, fruit and juice 

Tea Club  

Read the rest

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Skate Boarding 6-16 years

Easter & Summer  Week 1, 2, 3 & 4

Four full days 10am – 4pm  £205

Skate Boarding enhances core balance and fine motor skills as well as increasing confidence.

Participants will enjoy four days of exhilarating and challenging fun.

The group will be divided up according … Read the rest

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Storytelling 6-8 year olds

Easter & Summer Weeks 2 & 4

Four Full Days 10am – 4pm  £180

This fun and exciting course encourages children to explore stories they already know, hear new stories, create their own special story and become storytellers themselves. During this entertaining workshop our young students will … Read the rest

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Street Dance 6-8 years

Easter & Summer Weeks 1 & 4

Four Full Days 10am to 4pm  £170

Fun, funky and energetic workshop! An opportunity to learn to dance like Diversity and Flawless and be in your own dance crew like those on “Got to Dance”! We will teach you … Read the rest

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