Customised Plimsolls Ages 9+ NEW!!! 


Summer Week 3

Four full days 10-4pm 

£190 including all materials

Take a stylish but plain pair of plimsolls*, and customise them with your very own design.

Use a wide variety of media and methods to transform the lace up canvas shoes into your own uniquely personal footwear. Student will be given the opportunity to do 2 pairs if time allows.

  • Sketch out, plan and transfer your design 

  • Draw with marker pens and or paints 

  • Add leather and or fabric shapes  

  • Embellish with studs, rivets or diamante

  • Customise  laces or change to ribbon/fabric

  • *Let us know your sizes on booking .

  • We will supply plimsolls for each student.

  • The 2 pairs need not be the same size. ( please make note of which size for high and low tops please *) 

    You are also welcome to bring a pair you already own if you prefer.

  • * in some cases sizes are not always available in the high tops.


Tutor: Linda Gregory

Linda Gregory is a designer with over 40 years experience, with a passion for fashion, fabrics, and making. Linda has worked for a number of international companies and also has over 25 years teaching experience in further education on a wide range of subjects, including graphic design, typography, design concept, illustration, and millinery.


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  1. Chiswick Courses always make holidays fun, creative, and educational for us in a very safe and happy environment.

    A brilliant idea, great ideas were produced using different painting, drawing and colouring techniques. Very impressed that brilliant plimsolls and also a bag was produced.

    Fabulous, we love this teacher

    2nd May 2018

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