Singing Workshop New !! 9-16 years

Summer Weeks 1 

Four full days 10am – 4pm

£175 including all materials

Expand your vocal ability and experience the joy of singing!  During this fun and enjoyable workshop, we will play games and do lots of voice exercises to help discover different ways of using your voice.  At the end of 4 days, you will have learned a number of songs as a group.  We will have a short performance to demonstrate some of what you have learned at 3.45pm on Thursday.

During the course our students will

  • Use warm ups and vocal techniques to improve your voice
  • Learn about Harmony, Rhythm and Sound
  • Explore different types of singing including Pop, World Music, Acapella and Body Percussion
  • Improve your breathing and posture
  • Increase confidence


Tutor : Katy Seath

Katy is a vocal coach and Choir Leader for Rock Choir.  She has been a professional singer for the past 18 years.


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