Art 11-16

Summer Week 4


Four full days 10am – 4pm

£240 including all materials

Oil painting with painter Noel Paine.

Following a visit to a gallery, students will work with Noel making an oil painting of their own. Following the theme of ‘Landscape Painting'(Although this can incorporate the figure/people), Students will draw within the grounds of the holiday course.

Using the drawings and ‘information’ gathered, they will learn all techniques of oil painting. From stretching a canvas, to the preparation of the surface to work on. Mixing oil paint and the mediums used.

 The painting will be made following the ideas of the students. Figurative or abstract. This course is ideal for an introduction to oil painting and/or portfolio content. The focus will be on learning technique more so than creating a masterpiece!

Please wear old clothes!

• Using mixed media

• Working with canvas

• Working with Oil Painting

• Painting

A very exciting and enjoyable course for students who enjoy art and like creating things.

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Tutor : Noel Paine

Noel Paine is a renowned landscape painter based in Vienna, Rome and London. He works predominately outside on large scale oil paintings, based upon the light, colours and shapes he ‘experiences’ within the landscape.

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