Animation 7-10 years

Summer Weeks 2-4


Four full days 10am–4pm  

£230 £220 Includes all materials

Learn the basics of animation whilst working as part of a group to make an animated film. Each student will contribute to the narrative and create their individual piece of animation for the collaborative … Read the rest

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Art 6-8 

Summer Weeks: 1 – 4


Four full days 10am-4pm  

£220 £210 including all materials

Students will work on a number of exciting projects as they experiment with a variety of materials and learn new techniques.

  • Our young artists will learn about:
  • Drawing and painting
  • Construction in 3D
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Gardening 7-16 years

Summer Weeks 1 & 2

£225 £205

Four full days 10am to 4pm

With a huge upsurge of interest in “growing your own” this course is a great starting point to learn the basics of a skill which can bring a lifetime of enjoyment. Learn about flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and … Read the rest

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Mosaics 7-12 years

Summer Weeks 1 & 2 (Week 3 waiting list open)


Four Full Days 10am–4 pm

£245 £235 Including all tools and materials

There is something truly magical about this ancient method of decoration.
Taking all those small pieces and putting them together to create an individual … Read the rest

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Pottery 7-9 years

Summer Weeks 1,2 & 4


Four Full Days 10am-4pm   

£260 £250 Includes all materials.


Discover the joy of being creative with clay by making decorative and functional ceramic works. A comprehensive introduction to the basic pottery techniques.

  • Coiling, slab work, modelling and throwing on
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Skate Boarding 6-16 years

Summer Weeks: 1 – 4


Four full days 10am-4pm  

£230 £220 All protective equipment and skateboards provided

For the this class we partner with the amazing Skates & Ladders team at Eduskate.

Skate Boarding enhances core balance and fine motor skills as well as increasing … Read the rest

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Street Dance 6-8 years

Summer Week: 3


Four Full Days 10am-4pm 

£210 £200 T-shirts to decorate provided

Fun, funky and energetic workshop!

An opportunity to learn to dance like Diversity and Flawless and be in your own dance crew like those on “Got to Dance”!

We will teach you … Read the rest

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