3D Printing 11-16 years

Summer  Week 2  – 1 place available.

Phone office 020 8742 3936 to go on waiting list.

Four full days 10am-4pm

£215 including all materials

3D Printing has the potential to change the world we live in.             

Join us and … Read the rest

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Animation 10-16 years

Summer Week 3  1 place available

To go on waiting list please phone 020 8742 3936


 Learn the basics of animation whilst working as part of a group to make an animated film. Each student will contribute to the narrative and create their individual … Read the rest

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Cake Decorating 8-16 years

Summer     Fully Booked .

Phone our office 020 8742 3936 to go on the waiting list.

Four full days 10am – 4pm 

£220 including all ingredients

Learn how to make your cakes look amazing! Students will decorate a variety of cakes, biscuits, cup cakes … Read the rest

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Carpentry Workshop 9-16 years

Summer  fully booked. 

Weeks 1 and 3 ar fully booked.

Contact us to go on wailing list.

Four full days  10am – 4pm 

£200 including all materials

A “hands on” workshop incorporating design, construction and innovation. 

Creativity and problem solving will be encouraged as students design … Read the rest

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Cookery and Craft 8-16 years

Summer Fully Booked

Please phone our office on 020 8742 3936 to go on waiting list.


Four full days,  10am – 4pm 

£225 Including ingredients and materials

Four days making delicious and nutritious food to share with your family.

Learn invaluable skills which will … Read the rest

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Creative Writing 11-16 years

Summer Week  3

Four Full Days 10am – 4pm  £185


Whether you have ambitions to become a famous author or whether you just want to improve your ability to express yourself through your essays and assignments, this fun introductory course will inspire and encourage you, … Read the rest

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Creative Writing 8-11 years

Summer Weeks 1 & 2 

Four full days 10-4pm   £185

Do you love making up and writing your own stories?

Is your secret ambition to become a famous author?

This fun introductory course will inspire and encourage you, stimulate your creativity and develop your confidence.… Read the rest

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Drawing & Illustration 8-16 

Summer Weeks fully booked.

To go on waiting list phone 020 8742 3936

Four full days 10-4pm 

£195 Includes all materials 

Everyone wants to be able to draw and now is your chance to learn how to do it well. Amazing results can be achieved once … Read the rest

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Entrepreneurs’ Workshop 11-16 year

Fully Booked for this Summer

Four Full Days 10 – 4 pm  £190

Ever watched the Apprentice and thought you could do better? A fun and exciting experience exploring what it would be like to be an entrepreneur.

Working in competing teams, you will have the … Read the rest

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Extended Days – Breakfast and Tea Club

For all ages

For those children attending our courses who need to arrive early and leave late. Supervised play, food and relaxation. Organised activities, entertainment and games. Book in advance.

Breakfast 8.30 – 10.00am   

Cereal, croissants, toast, fruit and juice 

Tea Club  

Read the rest

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