Art 8-11

Summer Week 3


Four full days 10am – 4pm

£220 including all materials

Secret Gardens with painter Noel Paine.

Ever wished to create your very own secret garden ?

Using card students will construct their own ‘Secret Garden’. The Garden will only be viewed  by a single tiny hole. The project is based upon the idea of Victorian viewing boxes. 

The Children will learn how to work with oil pastels, and watercolour, as well as the possibility to change the light across the box using tissue paper. A perfect few days to let the imaginations and colour run riot !

• Using mixed media

• Working with water colours

• Working with Oil Pastels

• Painting

A very exciting and enjoyable course for students who enjoy art and like creating things.

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Tutor : Noel Paine

Noel Paine is a renowned landscape painter based in Vienna, Rome and London. He works predominately outside on large scale oil paintings, based upon the light, colours and shapes he ‘experiences’ within the landscape.

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