Photography 11-16 years

Summer Weeks 2 & 4

Four full days 10am – 4pm  £190

Four days to expand your understanding of the technical and aesthetic possibilities of photography. Very much a hands on course, you will learn how to take great photographs as well as how to edit and manipulate the images on your computer!

Topics will include:

  • Making the most of your camera
  • Looking at the world with a fresh eye
  • Macro work – close up photography 
  • Simple rules of composition
  • How to make lighting work for you
  • Portraiture – how to take great photographs of people
  • Photographing buildings and landscape
  • How to manipulate images

There will be an exhibition of work at 3.50 on Thursday.


Tutors Peter Hughes and James Abelson

Peter Hughes grew up with Black & White photography and turned professional in 1990.  A combination of maintaining a child like imagination and decades of technical experience in a wide range of photography, means that Peter can assist pupils in creating fantastic images from a variety of subjects.

James Abelson has over 20 year’s experience as a professional photographer, James has photographed everything from Jonathan Ross to a jam doughnut! His love affair with photography began when he was 14. His aunt bought him a “do it yourself” photo developing kit and the thrill of having a first glimpse of the finished image has never left him. James hopes to pass on his enduring passion for photography to all who choose to join this summer’s course.


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5 Feedback on this course »

  1. Interesting course covering lots of different aspects, my son was inspired and continued taking photographs at home. We heard very good things about Debal; my son really liked him and said he really knew his stuff!

    27th April 2015

  2. Great teacher- my son said he wouldn’t change anything!

    3rd May 2017

  3. Great! 4th photography course attended and learns something new each time.

    3rd May 2017

  4. Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot and made new friends.

    10th May 2017

  5. Fun and learned a lot, tutors friendly and explained everything well.

    I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot about cameras, perspective and photographic techniques. Thank you so much , I want to come again next year.

    Brilliant as always.

    Tara loved the course and is looking forward to the next visit.

    15th January 2020

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