Entrepreneurs’ Workshop 11-16 years

Summer Weeks 2 & 3

Four Full Days 10 – 4 pm  £185

Ever watched the Apprentice and thought you could do better?
A fun and exciting experience exploring what it would be like to be an entrepreneur.

Working in competing teams, you will have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of running your own businesses. You will have to come up with an original idea, design and build your product (or service) and devise an advertising and marketing strategy.

Highly recommended for the budding entrepreneur.

Through group games and activities, students will also learn about:

  • Using imagination & creativity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Making the best use of your resources
  • How being in business is fun

Tutor: Emily Assinder

Emily Assinder

Emily has considerable experience within a range of industries. She has worked in Corporate Management, Retail and as a Mentor and Coach within the Education sector, running Young Enterprise and Personal Development workshops.      

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  1. Spot on, excellent tutors with just the right approach for young adults.

    My daughter really enjoyed the first 3 days and loved the outcome on the 4th day.

    Excellent cannot fault anything.

    15th January 2020

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