Carpentry Workshop 9-16 years

Summer Weeks 1, 2, 3 & 4

Four full days  10am – 4pm 

£195 including all materials

A “hands on” workshop incorporating design, construction and innovation. 

Creativity and problem solving will be encouraged as students design their project on paper and make a prototype before constructing their final object in wood.  

The students will learn how to take an idea from 2D into 3D.  

They will be given a brief and encouraged to explore their own ideas whilst being guided in realising them. 

The skills learned on this workshop will be useful for the rest of their lives: 

  • Practical skills – the safe use of hand tools eg hammer, saw and drill.
  • How to use design and mathematical skills to translate ideas into reality
  • Valuable carpentry skills including measuring, sawing, fastening, drilling, rasping, sanding , shaping and assembly. 



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  1. I have learnt a lot over the past week as everything ran very smoothly giving us a lot of time to work. Everything was explained in simple and exciting ways.

    15th January 2020

  2. Excellent, including 1 to 1 attention.

    She loved the course and learned a great deal.

    15th January 2020

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