Mosaics 7-12 years

Summer Weeks 1 & 2 (Week 3 waiting list open)


Four Full Days 10am–4 pm

£245 Including all tools and materials

There is something truly magical about this ancient method of decoration.
Taking all those small pieces and putting them together to create an individual piece of work.
As you snip the tiles and place the pieces, the picture emerges!
Addictive, expressive, relaxing and absorbing, no wonder this method of decoration has stood the test of time.
From early history to the current day we continue to be entranced and excited by the beauty of mosaics.
During the four days students will complete at least 2 projects covering all the basic techniques. students will learn about

  • Cutting the tiles
  • Transferring the design
  • Placement and assembly
  • Grouting 
  • Colour theory
  • History of mosaic

We will provide goggles, clippers, tiles, grout and all the other materials needed to make a mosaic.

We are awaiting the tutors confirmation that Week 3 can go ahead. If you wish to book Week 3 please register on our waiting list here.

Otherwise for weeks 1 & 2 Book Here.



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